Apocalypse GEN 2 Black (24mm) RDA SS Deck
  • Black Front
  • Black Back
  • Black Apart

Apocalypse GEN 2 Black (24mm) RDA SS Deck



  • 21mm Build Deck
  • 4mm Deep Juice well
  • 13mm of total wire space under clamps
  • Positive post is insulated with a peak insulator
  • Drip Tip size will fit any 12.4mm Drip tip (Common Size of all goon tips)
  • 5mm Airflow and control is made in a teardrop configuration to give maximum customization
  • Fatter Drip tip
  • All Gold Plated Decks
  • Oversized Bridge Clamps
  • Lengthened Screws
  • Serialized
  • Embroidered Felt Pouch

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Additional Information

Weight 0.25 oz
Dimensions 12 x 2 x 8 in


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